Walsh Engineering & Production provides experienced engineering and field production services for all aspects of oil and gas operations in the San Juan Basin.

Engineering & Project Management: 

Drilling – Walsh’s engineering and project management team prides itself in being a “full service” provider for new well construction.  For permitting, we are experienced with all aspects of the process’s involved in permitting new wells on private, federal, state and tribal lands in the four corners area.  Walsh can prepare the necessary drilling plans, well bore and cement designs and AFE’s to make sure the well is drilled in the most economical safest way possible.

Completion & Workovers –  Walsh’s engineering and project management team can design and implement a program for the entire completion process, including everything from the latest stimulation/frac designs to surface facility design and installation to make sure production is maximized.

Additional Services – Walsh also provides economic evaluation of properties for sale or acquisition utilizing decline curve analysis.   We also have years of experience with salt water disposal and can design and construct SWD wells and all related surface facilities required to lower overall production costs.

Project Management – The engineering team can provide any of these services individually or package them together and manage the daily drilling, completion and construction operations.

Well Site Supervision: Walsh can provide qualified and experienced consultants to make sure field operations run smoothly.  From horizontal drilling to sophisticated completions, Walsh has the experience to oversee all aspects of daily rig supervision.

Production: Walsh Engineering and Production currently provides lease operations for nearly 1000 wells in the San Juan Basin for various clients and moves on average, over 23 MMCFD & 120 BOPD.  The Walsh Engineering & Production team is made up of over 40 employees who are responsible for the production of all types of wells from all types of formations.  Walsh E&P’s experienced lease operators and production foreman, are also knowledgeable in maintaining the various auxiliary equipment that is necessary for oil and gas production including compression, separation, dehydration and artificial lift.

Fluid Level Department: To compliment the production department, Walsh provides fluid level analysis to assist with production optimization and help identify downhole problems.  The fluid level technician is experienced in not only performing the field work but then providing the customer with a complete analysis of the digital fluid level shot and assisting the customer with the interpretation of the data.

Administration: Walsh E&P is fully licensed and bonded and has the staff to provide all aspects of the administration duties as an operator.  This includes gas marketing, production balancing, royalty and tax payments, joint interest billing as well as regulatory compliance.

Thompson Engineering & Production Corp: Thompson E&P is a licensed and bonded independent operator with assets in the San Juan Basin.  Being an independent operator gives us the unique position to understand every aspect of the oil and gas business which in turn helps our clients maximize their production and minimize their costs.